Utility Line Application
1. Application has been designed in a wizard style format.
2. Application will have 5 pages to fill out before submitting, and only on the last page will you have the option to submit.
3. The 'prev' and 'next' button will allow you to navigate from page to page. Details will be saved as they are changed.
4. Closing you browser before submission will force your application to be void.
5. Once you have submitted your application it will then be assigned to a ULA agent for review.
6. If you wish to know the status of your application after submission then please call your ULA contact and quote the
reference number provided on the confirmation page.
7. To begin your application please click on the 'Next' button.

If your work includes construction/demolition access, hoarding, laydown, or workings (Above or below ground) within 5 Metres of a public tree or 10 Metres of a natural stand, click here for more information.

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